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By Judge Bill Gravell Jr. | County Judge of Williamson County, Texas

Williamson County, Texas, is home to some of America’s fastest-growing towns, and has been steadily establishing its workforce development programs in line with creating economic opportunities. Aligning both has helped the county enhance workforce skills, knowledge and capabilities while adapting to market changes.

Workforce Development Fostering Economic Growth - Williamson County
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April Rai | President and CEO of the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials

As federal infrastructure investments surge, COMTO is helping the transportation industry engage a more diverse workforce to build a better future.

Workforce Development Fostering Economic Growth - Williamson County
Houston’s METRO transit agency is delivering on its voter mandate to expand and enhance mobility options, with efficiency, universal accessibility and sustainability at the forefront.
Minnesota’s transportation program is driving forward with a vision for safer, more equitable systems and a spirit of collaboration across federal, state, local and tribal partners
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Building on years of work to strengthen connections between communities and transportation programs, Michigan’s DOT is now integrating inclusion and equity into its DNA.
Sadie Graham, Acting Director of Link21, breaks down the four strategies for making good on BART's commitment to ensure the transformed Bay Area's rail network serves the needs of everyone in all communities
Mayor Sharon Weston Broome explains how the vision for improved mobility, safety and opportunity is taking shape across the diverse city of Baton Rouge, drawing on the involvement and ideas of citizens themselves.
In Cleveland, an ambitious multi-modal and new roadway connector project is advancing rapidly. With a mission of improving transportation, mobility and economic development, the Opportunity Corridor is defining what it means for infrastructure to be inclusive.

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