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Cook County, Illinois, is working to integrate proven safety features into road upgrades and maintenance projects improving comfort and safety for those who walk and bike.
Oklahoma has become the first state in the nation to modernize work zone and move over safe training for new teen drivers.
The Maine Turnpike Authority’s historic widening program increases safety, mobility and the opportunity for continued economic development in greater Portland and throughout Maine.
HNTB California HSR
The striking Northaven Trail Bridge provides an important connection for several bike/pedestrian trails over U.S. 75 in north Dallas. It’s also the only known bridge of its kind in the world and was installed in a single evening.
HNTB Denver Airport PWashington Art
How planning can help airports conserve energy and water, reduce carbon and lower life-cycle costs
As federal infrastructure investments surge, COMTO is helping the transportation industry engage a more diverse workforce to build a better future

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How cloud-based management and speed enforcement systems can save time and lives
TxDOT’s mission to ensure every motorist gets home safely


AI has the potential to increase efficiency in data analysis, provide new insights and make predictions about future outcomes

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Collaborative, efficient approach to fleet procurement can help agencies in shifting landscape
How Louisville is using its capital program to increase its impact in economic development, sustainability and passenger experience