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Emerging Technologies

The latest Transportation Point articles features three leaders in emerging technology adoption: The City of Columbus, Ohio, The Florida Department of Transportation and The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Each article explores new ways to enhance mobility and create more efficiencies as technologies rapidly change, workforce demands shift and the pace of change continues to accelerate. For the introduction to this issue from Greg Krueger, HNTB's Emerging Technologies Program Manager, read on.

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The Next Big thing

How PennDOT plans to use emerging technologies to address everything from equity and climate justice to work zone safety

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Considering alternate futures

Florida Department of Transportation is preparing for the impacts of emerging technologies.

Brad Thoburn, Assistant Secretary for Strategic Development explains how FDOT is planning for multiple scenarios to ensure their transportation system is ready for the future.

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Smart Columbus Makes The Grade

After winning a multi-million dollar grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation, The City of Columbus has been on the forefront of utilizing emerging technologies to advance mobility.

Ken Paul and Mandy Kisling Bishop share the key successes from implementing the Smart Columbus Program to create safer, cleaner and more equitable transportation for City of Columbus residents.

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Emerging Technologies

This issue of Transportation Point explores the new realities DOT's face with emerging technologies.



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Adopting a virtual platform

Determining the right tool for engaging the public in transportation projects

TP - Iowa article

How Iowa's two-person staff transformed the public involvement process

DOT's suite of virtual tools have increased productivity, transparency and community involvement

Rapidly converting to an online public involvement process

MaineDOT outlines how it successfully instituted an online public involvement process that is generating greater engagement, cost savings and message control


Nine tips for successful live, online public meetings

North Texas MPO integrates two virtual platforms for inclusive presentation that generates four times more engagement