HNTB Employee Ownership Plan

The HNTB Ownership Plan


The day you join HNTB, you become an owner of the firm. The HNTB Ownership Plan is an exclusive investment offered only to employees and helps fuel the commitment to innovation and technical excellence HNTB employees bring to the industry every day.

The HNTB Culture

Since its inception in 2000, the HNTB Ownership Plan has been a critical part of HNTB’s culture — helping to strengthen unity of purpose and deepen the connection between employees and the firm’s long-term success.

HNTB Employee Ownership

Unity of Purpose

The HNTB Ownership Plan is an opportunity for employees to build long-term wealth by sharing in the financial success of HNTB. That shared benefit unifies employees in the firm's commitment to provide exceptional service to clients and deliver extraordinary projects for communities across the country.

Sustainability by Design

As shareholders, HNTB employees experience a direct connection between their work and financial reward and in turn, commit to the success of clients, the firm and ultimately, themselves. Thus, long-term sustainability is ensured by employee-owners who are the main beneficiaries of sustained success.

Become an Owner of HNTB

Are you looking for a rewarding career that helps you achieve your professional and financial goals? With the employee ownership benefit, a career at HNTB can be that and more.

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