Infrastructure & Mobility Equity

HNTB is committed to supporting our clients in strategizing and delivering effective, innovative and holistic infrastructure solutions that benefit historically underserved communities. With our ongoing commitment to the communities we serve, HNTB provides leadership in addressing equity considerations in infrastructure planning, design and construction in accordance with federal, state and local priorities.

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Corporate President | Infrastructure & Mobility Equity

Diana Mendes

Mendes has more than 35 years of leadership experience in the transportation industry. Prior to joining HNTB, Mendes led the largest transit consulting practice in North America, encompassing the full spectrum of client services, including planning, design, construction and operations. Now, Mendes is responsible for shaping transportation and mobility equity policy through collaboration with federal, state and local agency leaders. In addition, Mendes currently serves as chair of the Advisory Council for the Equity in Infrastructure Project. 

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