A monumental initiative, the ADA Accessibility Upgrade and Station Improvements project addresses the critical need for improved accessibility and infrastructure resilience in the Boroughs of Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and Queens.

In alignment with the MTA's goals, this initiative reflects a historic commitment to accessibility enhancements. It specifically addresses improvements in eight strategically selected stations across the boroughs, which include:

  • Westchester Square – E Tremont Avenue, 3 new elevators
  • 181st Street, 2 new elevators
  • Queensboro Plaza, 2 new elevators
  • Court Square, 1 new elevator
  • Woodhaven Boulevard, 2 new elevators
  • Marcy Avenue, 3 replacement elevators
  • Flushing Avenue, 2 replacement elevators
  • 8th Avenue, 1 new elevator

Reliability, Safety, Accessibility

As the MTA’s Project Management Consultant (PMC) providing design and construction compliance teams, HNTB is helping to ensure that the stations not only meet new accessibility standards but also become symbols of reliability, safety and modernity within the century-old transit system. The ultimate goal is that no rider will ever be more than two stops from an accessible station.

In addition to crucial accessibility upgrades, the project encompasses a comprehensive scope, including state-of-good-repairs (SOGR), platform reconstruction, advanced communication systems, electrical system upgrades, installation of digital displays and new fire alarm systems. A distinctive aspect involves a long-term elevator maintenance contract, securing the sustained reliability of newly installed elevators.

Supporting a City’s Transit Evolution

The ADA Accessibility Upgrade and Station Improvements project promises a more inclusive and efficient transit experience for all New Yorkers. As the stations undergo a comprehensive transformation, the ripple effect extends beyond steel and concrete. The project's commitment to accessibility and modernization ensures that the city's diverse communities have equal and enhanced access to the transit system. The project encapsulates the convergence of engineering excellence, community-centric design, and a steadfast commitment to the city's transit evolution.

Location: New York, NY

Client: Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)

Services: Program Management