Our Philosophy

Respect for others is part of our culture and a foundation of the HNTB Vision. In addition, our leadership characteristics include empathy, being sensitive to others’ views, demonstrating courage, meaning that we keep words and actions free from bias, prejudice or malice, being trusted, meaning that we act at all times with integrity and explicitly avoid deception, duplicity or degrading behaviors, and taking personal accountability to follow through on commitments. These behaviors and others that are expressed in our Vision and Leadership Characteristics are fundamental to HNTB and how we conduct our business.

Diversity of age, culture, gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, experience, thought, unique perspectives and other factors is valued, welcomed at HNTB and makes us better. An inclusive environment in which all perspectives are intentionally considered results in value for our firm, clients and the communities we serve.

HNTB is committed to the continual improvement of an inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace where all employees have opportunities and support to succeed and grow. HNTB provides a meaningful and welcoming learning environment that values, respects and honors everyone.

Taking personal responsibility for making success happen is an important element of our Vision. In addition to living our Vision and exhibiting our leadership characteristics, each of us has a personal role and shared responsibility for contributing to our culture of inclusion, diversity and equity. Therefore, we all must commit to take positive actions toward making HNTB the leader in these areas.

From our partners

“HNTB, at a very basic level, recognizes the value of teaming with small, minority businesses. I feel absolutely at their core, they see the value and benefits that smaller, more specialized firms can bring, which I believe is a key foundation for a strong partnership.” - Lisa Padilla, AIA, LEED AP, founder and principal of Cityworks Design


“Working with HNTB provides opportunities for us to work as part of a collaborative team, each of us bringing our own expertise, experience and perspective to large infrastructure projects. Together, we can strategize on how to best meet the client’s requirements and prepare for conversations and strategies, especially when HNTB has had a previous history with the client. I appreciate that there is mutual respect for each of our roles in the project delivery process.” - Monica Villalobos, principal and owner, Vicus Planning


“The opportunity to learn from, observe and be mentored by a firm that has more than a hundred years of experience and success, is exciting. HNTB’s ability to withstand an evolving industry and maintain corporate sustainability contributes towards our confidence to build a strong foundation with solid core values and position Suenram & Associates for long-term success.” - Kate Suenram, CEO and president, Suenram & Associates, Inc.