Infrastructure & Mobility Equity

HNTB is committed to supporting our clients in strategizing and delivering effective, innovative and holistic infrastructure solutions that benefit historically underserved communities. With our ongoing commitment to the communities we serve, HNTB provides leadership in addressing equity considerations in infrastructure planning, design and construction in accordance with federal, state and local priorities.

Our expertise includes:

  • Sophisticated understanding of federal priorities on equity and environmental justice that can guide client programs and policies
  • Support in addressing infrastructure and mobility equity considerations in making investment decisions
  • Deep experience in community engagement and public outreach to support communications with underserved communities
  • Guidance on projects that may raise equity concerns and risk management around those issues
Join Diana Mendes in
Understanding the Justice40 Initiative
In this video series, you'll explore the potential benefits and opportunities Justice40 presents and what it means for the future of infrastructure and transportation projects.

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Infrastructure & Mobility Equity News and Insights

Inclusive Infrastructure | THINK Magazine
What does it mean for infrastructure to be inclusive and how is that concept being applied across the country as cities and states embark on new transportation projects? We explore this critical topic with industry leaders who share their innovative approaches to increasing inclusivity and creating equitable solutions for their communities in the latest issue of THINK Magazine.  

Fast-Tracking Equity in the Northern California Megaregion

Sadie Graham, Acting Director of Link21, breaks down the four strategies for making good on BART's commitment to ensure the transformed system serves the needs of everyone in all communities

Building Opportunity and Economic Vitality in a "Forgotten Triangle"

The Opportunity Corridor is defining what it means for infrastructure to be inclusive. HNTB's Matt Wahl details their approach to planning and building the amibitious project.

Leveling the Playing Field so Opportunity Can Thrive

Ricky Smith, Executive Director and CEO of Baltimore Washington International (BWI) Thurgood Marshall Airport shares how the organization is cultivating opportunity and inclusion.