As a first of its kind deployment in the greater Tampa Bay area, HNTB led in the development of the concept of operations, request for proposal, and evaluation criteria for the Autonomous Mobility Service being introduced by the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART).  Additional support was provided for proposal review, developing clarifying questions, working with the industry on answering technical questions, and providing cost estimates.  As a part of the ConOps, RFP development and proposal evaluation, HNTB performed the following:

  • Defined minimum AV shuttle performance requirements and desired AV, CV, V2I, V2V, and V2X capabilities
  • Reviewed proposals and provided owner guidance
  • Defined operational goals
  • Provided operating system requirements, including adherence to Florida Statute 316 and NHTSA Safety Assessments
  • Outlined the need for the vehicle to have the ability to read, interpret and react to traffic signs and signals and potential pathway intrusions or obstacles
  • Required communication systems and system security standards meet SAE requirements
  • Facilitated real-time remote data storage, transmittal and processing, and customer experience accommodations (ADA, station identification, security, air conditioning, etc.)

Also as a part of these efforts, HNTB provided consultant support to review the viability of proposer organization plans, work plans, maintenance plans, safety plans and operating plans including incident response, video security, data management and vehicle dispatching.

Location: Tampa, FL

Client: Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART)

Role: Owner's Representative