While many states have their eyes on how autonomous vehicle and connected vehicle technologies can improve transportation in their states, the Florida Department of Transportation has been at the forefront of making these ideas a reality for the Sunshine State.

Florida’s Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Initiative is a groundbreaking effort to plan and deploy autonomous vehicle/connected vehicle technologies on public roadways. With goals focused on creating mobility solutions that create accessibility and improve safety, the initiative could eventually help eliminate 90 percent of all crashes in the state. FDOT is working on planning, development and deployment activities across all modes, including passenger vehicle, transit, freight, bicycle and pedestrians.

Efforts also include the delivery of a CAV Business Plan that enabled FDOT to dedicate funding for project development and implementation. Realizing the value that harnessed data can provide in achieving goals, the initiative includes integration of CAV throughout FDOT. Specific platforms for data storage, analysis and exchange as well as security credentialling are being developed and maintained. HNTB is helping facilitate collaboration on integration of CAV into the fabric of all departments within FDOT as well as the local agencies. Activities include the management of research projects associated with policy implications as well as mobility applications for aging populations.

HNTB also led pilot projects associated with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and development of projects involving attenuator trucks for improved work zone safety, smart truck parking, truck platooning, public outreach and education and performance monitoring applications.

Location: Florida

Client: Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)