A strategic, bridge bundling approach has become the defining factor for a successful, streamlined delivery of the Eleven Bridge Replacements Project in Collier County, Florida. The initiative groups bridges of similar type, location and replacement needs under a single, comprehensive program.

Heading design and supporting procurement, HNTB utilized the collaborative bridge bundling model to help the County foster a new level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness within infrastructure delivery.

Packaged, Designed and Streamlined

Divided into four procurement packages across three corridors, the project encompasses a network of bridge structures vital to the community’s mobility.

  • Package A: CR 846/Immokalee Road (2 Bridges)
  • Package B: CR 846/Immokalee Road (3 Bridges) & CR 858/County Line Road (1 Bridge)
  • Package C: CR 858/Oil Well Road (4 Bridges)
  • Package D: CR 846/Immokalee Road (1 Bridge)

Similar typical sections and span lengths helped facilitate a consistent, expedited approach to designing the replacements. While one structure had unique parameters, HNTB was able to design only three total span lengths and associated beam designs to accommodate the other 10 bridges. These designs not only introduced economies of scale for the County but helped facilitate construction activities as well.

Project Considerations Times Eleven

A Solution Tested and Proven

A testament to the collaborative infrastructure approach, the Eleven Bridge Replacements bridge bundling project provided a streamlined, holistic solution that benefits client and community. Now completed, a new network of bridges is restoring mobility and safety for Collier County motorists.

Location: Collier County, FL

Client: Collier County

Services: Final and post design services