HNTB served as management consultant for Amtrak’s Baltimore and Potomac (B&P) tunnel project.
The team provided Amtrak with preliminary engineering support, project controls, design reviews, value engineering and coordination of the National Environmental Policy Act process.

To increase efficiencies and decrease trip times in Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor, HNTB rehabilitated an older tunnel and constructed a new, higher-speed tunnel. The new tunnel provides an additional route through Baltimore that connects the existing Baltimore Pennsylvania Station with points south.

Because the project involved major construction through a densely populated area, HNTB also was called on to coordinate community outreach and involvement and to lead collaboration with third parties. The team hosted tunneling seminars with Amtrak and local transportation officials in Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City to increase understanding, and explain risks, opportunities and value-engineering solutions.

  • Tunneling, engineering, management and design expertise combine to add value
  • New tunnel increases travel speeds, connects Baltimore to points south
  • Crucial community, third-party outreach increases understanding, decreases concerns



Location: Baltimore, MD

Client: Amtrak