WTS Annual Conference

Join your peers on May 18–20, 2022, in Seattle for the premier transportation experience, which brings together diverse professionals from across North America to discuss the industry’s cutting-edge conversations and most pressing issues.

HNTB, a long standing sponsor of WTS, will proudly contribute to WTS and the conference in a number of ways, including offering five presentations and awarding the HNTB Corporate Sponsor / Strategic Level Partners Scholarship. We’re very proud to recognize three new WTS International Board Members.

  • Alexa Gangemi – Treasurer, WTS International
  • Emmanuella Myrthil – Director at Large,  WTS Foundation
  • Yvonne Lopez-Diaz – Vice Chair, WTS Foundation

and would like to thank our Seattle chapter and conference committee members and volunteers.

  • Diana Giraldo, WTS Seattle ExecBoard – President
  • Teri Marsh, WTS Seattle ExecBoard – Secretary
  • Kimberly Proia, WTS Conference – Posters Chair
  • Phoebe Hyun, WTS Conference – Programs Co-Chair
  • Salima  Hamlin, WTS Conference – Programs Co-Chair
  • Jennifer Ibrahim, WTS Seattle Board member
  • Tom Schnetzer, WTS Seattle Board member
  • James Harmon, WTS Seattle Board member
  • Kiley Rempp, WTS Seattle Board member
  • Angie Chan, WTS Seattle Board member
  • Kimberly Hakola, WTS Seattle Board member
  • Wendy Taylor, WTS Seattle Advisory Board member

Last but not least, learn more about HNTB by stopping at our booth. See you in Seattle!

The event is finished.

Hourly Schedule

Day 1

May 17
May 18
May 19
May 20