The Role of Data and Innovation in Public Agency Leadership

Data is arguably the most important and challenging asset that public agency leaders are tasked with managing amidst a landscape of limited resources, aging infrastructure, and an increased focus on performance and life cycle costs. When leaders at the highest level embrace innovative technology to leverage data throughout their programs and initiatives, agencies can better navigate the challenges of delivering equitable and resilient infrastructure to all community stakeholders.

Facing ever growing demands and shrinking resources, agencies must extract maximum value from technology-based initiatives. With modern technology, agencies can provide a high level of visibility and transparency to taxpayers and constituents. Further, the motion of leaders from both engineering partners and agencies collaborating and innovating in service to the public is critical to maximize IIJA’s once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape the future of the United States at a fundamental level.

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn about the crucial role of data and technology in public agency leadership
  • Hear from industry leaders about the innovative approaches they are taking to leverage technology
  • Discover the many paths leaders can take after a DOT experience
  • Engage in a lightning round discussion of everything from IIJA funding opportunities to delivery approaches

Moderator: Susan Martinovich, HNTB DOT National Practice Consultant

Panelist: Dr. Shawn Wilson, Former Secretary of Transportation, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development

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