HNTB can help in successfully securing federal discretionary grant funding by understanding unique needs and putting together the most effective expert team to develop the right approach. Our team includes nationally recognized engineering and planning expertise, top leadership drawn from the full range of U.S. Department of Transportation senior management, effective federal and state government relations professionals attuned to the realities of political decision making and a deep, experienced bench of accomplished grant writing experts who know how to tell a clear, compelling story about how a project benefits the community and why it should be funded.

Expert Assistance

Levon Boyagian

Former Staff Director | House Transportation Subcommittee

Henrika Buchanan

Former Associate Administrator | FTA

Sean Libberton

Former Deputy Associate Administrator | FTA

Michael DeMent

Principle Planner and Grant Application Lead

Chris Kopp

Planning, Economics, Finance & BCA Development Lead

A Comprehensive & Integrated Federal Grant Program

Taking a comprehensive, long-term application approach is the key to consistently winning federal discretionary funding and maximizing available federal funding. HNTB’s approach to helping secure federal grants involves identifying potential projects early, refining the projects to better match with federal requirements, building broad-based awareness of and support for those projects at the local, state and federal levels, then combining those elements into an effective application that is pre-positioned for success. Additionally, HNTB's commitment to infrastructure and mobility equity provides unique leadership in addressing equity considerations related to federal, state and local priorities and funding requirements.


HNTB offers a broad range of industry-leading grant services including: 

  • Project Evaluation Workshops
  • Stakeholder/Community Support Outreach 
  • Technical Analysis and Refinement 
  • Benefit-Cost Analysis 
  • Grant Writing
  • Grant/Project Alignment Processes
  • Government/Modal Agency Relationship-Building 
  • Funding and Financing Evaluation
  • Grant Editorial and Graphic Development
  • Post-Application Follow-up and Refinement