HNTB is the design consultant and designer of record for the Walk Bridge Program — the Connecticut Department of Transportation’s first program to be contracted under the construction manager/general contractor delivery method. The Walk Bridge Program consists of more than a half-dozen infrastructure projects that increase safety, reliability and ease of travel throughout Norwalk. This program advances Norwalk’s railroad transportation infrastructure  while improving local roads and sidewalks for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

HNTB’s design services include bridge, mechanical, electrical, track, high tower, catenary, geotechnical, signals and communication, civil, architectural, hydraulics and construction sequencing. HNTB also was responsible for preparing the environmental documentation and permit applications for the program.

In addition to the services mentioned above, HNTB evaluated various aspects of the demolition.  A structural health monitoring system that tracks tilt, strain and acceleration was installed to better understand long-term trends and to build a baseline data set for comparison with behavior during demolition.


Location: Norwalk, CT

Client: Connecticut Department of Transportation