With more convenient commuting for residents and visitors of the area in mind, the City of San Francisco decided to implement the city’s first ever Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system along Van Ness Avenue. In support of this mission, HNTB worked alongside San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) to convert each direction of San Francisco’s 28 block stretch with dedicated center BRT lanes and to build 18 new BRT stations to replace the avenue’s existing 29 bus stops. Stretching across the 2-mile expanse of connecting businesses and recreation spaces, the system works to rectify mobility and traffic congestion issues facing the area.  

HNTB provided project and construction management (PM/CM) support for the Van Ness Corridor Transit Improvements project. In addition to the converted lanes and 18 BRT stations, HNTB also replaced the existing sewer main, water main, public utility joint trench, streetlight, traffic signals, OCS, roadway sections and most of the sidewalk. In an effort to align with the community’s values, plans for green infrastructure were implemented to improve the avenue’s overall street landscape.  

Innovating solutions that would better aid San Francisco commuters, HNTB oversaw the implementation of features such as low-floor platforms and all-door boarding, allowing the BRT to provide more accessible, efficient service to the region. The project also utilizes enhanced traffic signals that automatically provide a green light as the buses approach an intersection. With safety always being a top priority, sidewalk extensions, median refuges, high visibility crosswalks and audible countdown signals have been implemented to assist pedestrians as they move around the area of the BRT. 

With the implementation of dedicated bus lanes, advanced technology, updated safety features and convenient service stations, the Van Ness Corridor Transit Improvements project is providing mobility solutions that are making public transportation more accessible and efficient for the region. 

Location: San Francisco, CA

Client: San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)

Services: Program Management, Construction Management

Awards: Transportation Project Achievement Award, NorCal CMAA