HNTB collaborated with San Francisco International Airport with planning to meet its goals of zero emissions through a transition to electrification and carbon dioxide reductions.

This included working with SFO on the development of a readiness plan that helps the airport meet its goal of a transition to a 100% electric vehicle fleet and EV charging ports in 25% of its parking stalls by 2030. HNTB examined future disrupters of consumer mobility on demand and connected and autonomous vehicle infrastructure needs and evaluated numerous technologies and how they will impact traditional usage forecasting and made charging recommendations for fleet EVs, parking lots, taxi and transportation network company areas and ground support equipment.

Additionally, HNTB and SFO have partnered on planning work that will lead to renovations across its facilities to expand electrification and reduce the amount of pollutants generated on-site. A major component of this design work was sizing and construction of power substations to distribute electricity throughout the airport within physical constraints and reliability requirements.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Client: San Francisco International Airport