Supporting the New York State Department of Transportation, HNTB conducted a Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement to examine ways to increase frequency, travel times and on-time performance for operations between Schenectady and Niagara Falls, a distance of 463 miles. The firm also investigated options for the introduction of passenger train speeds of 110 miles per hour and above.

HNTB led project efforts by developing an alternatives analysis, environmental studies and preliminary engineering of alignments and approaches — all while protecting existing freight operations. Alternatives were evaluated in accordance with the NEPA. A detailed analysis of the existing rail alignment and freight rail requirements was a critical element of the project. The Tier 1 EIS laid the foundation for advancing specific operational and infrastructure improvements for evaluation in Tier 2 NEPA documents and implementation.

HNTB used GIS resources to cover the 463-mile corridor. The environmental studies included natural resources, cultural resources, air quality, noise and socio-economic analysis.

Location: New York

Client: New York State Department of Transportation

Services: Environmental study and documentation, alternative analysis, preliminary engineering