Aiming to accommodate future structural developments and growing populations, the City of Shawnee recognized a need for improvements of the arterial roadway, Monticello Road. The 3-mile stretch would, once improved, prompt and support development in the southwestern area of Shawnee and provide vital connectivity and safety improvements for the area’s residents.

Accommodating the Present, Preparing for the Future

The City selected HNTB to provide preliminary and final design services for the corridor. The primary challenge of the project lay in balancing the immediate needs of the current roadway versus the city’s projected needs for future expansion due to rising traffic demand of the surrounding community. After analysis, HNTB collaborated with the City of Shawnee to determine that a 4-lane roadway with additional turning lanes would provide the vital safety, access and capacity for commuters, pedestrians and bicyclists that the region needed.

The Improvements

Monticello Roadway is now equipped with a new roundabout, curb and gutter additions, storm sewer, box culverts, sidewalks, shared-use pathways, bike lanes, street lighting and retaining walls. The project makes room for tremendous economic growth and improvements to the resident’s quality of life. Improved multimodal connectivity and increased safety will provide the region with the potential for future developments and expansions.

Location: Shawnee, KS

Client: City of Shawnee

Services: Preliminary and final design

Awards: Engineering Excellence Award, ACEC Kansas