A first-of-its-kind initiative for the state, the Michigan Department of Transportation’s Ancillary Structures Program is set to revolutionize the DOT’s future public roadway operations and maintenance.

An Overview

The program centers on the development and maintenance of an asset management system and database framework that will account for 70,000+ ancillary structures across the state. Previously, no singular database has been used to store or track information on these critical assets. As structures are inspected and inventoried into this new program, MDOT staff are now able to obtain and share real-time information on asset conditions, inspection progress, requests for action and more.

In turn, while inspections and data collection is still under way, the Ancillary Structures Program is already providing an efficient and reliable digital infrastructure solution that allows the department to proactively prepare and take action against safety issues or potentially costly fixes.

Program Management and HNTB’s Roles

As program management consultant, HNTB been working alongside MDOT since the project’s conception. Some of the firm’s services include:

  • Data management, coordination and reporting
  • Inspections, inventory and data collection
  • Design standard reviews and updates
  • Scoping and preliminary engineering

As part of HNTB’s larger role, and to ensure the successful delivery of the Ancillary Structures Program, the firm has provided these services and more to MDOT across a number of smaller initiatives.

Ensuring Success

A Solution Expanded

Expected to revolutionize MDOT’s roadway operations, the Michigan Ancillary Structures Program may help establish a new, improved model for asset management that can be implemented within transportation agencies across the country, helping them to proactively safeguard their assets and to continually provide safe, reliable transportation for the public.

Location: Michigan

Client: Michigan Department of Transportation

Services: Program management consultant; inspection, data collection and inventory services; data management, coordination and reporting services