HNTB was retained by the MBTA’s Public Engagement team in August 2022 to support the historic Orange Line Surge. This unprecedented full shutdown required significant public involvement, which included staffing public meetings, assisting with legislative and municipal briefings, developing outreach content and leading translation of materials. HNTB also worked to streamline internal processes and data tracking, optimize outreach and engagement process and produce the agency Title VI Report on completed outreach.

The success of these public involvement efforts has led to a growing and continued partnership with MBTA Public Engagement. HNTB has helped MBTA Public Engagement launch a number of internal and public-facing initiatives, such as a Community Engagement newsletter, weekly internal tracking and reporting, and a number of public outreach efforts for various departments across the agency.

In the Fall of 2023, MBTA Public Engagement called again on HNTB to provide outreach planning and support for the 16-day Ashmont and Mattapan Track upgrades, which included a closure of each line for that full duration. Outreach efforts involved broad-based community and media engagement, and the planning and implementation of multiple in-person and virtual public meetings.

Location: Boston, MA

Client: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)