MAASTO Truck Parking Information Management System

For years, one of the most significant challenges facing truck drivers, fleet managers and owner/operators has been parking. Long-haul truck drivers struggling to find safe parking significantly reduces national freight productivity. More importantly, truck drivers searching while fatigued and parking in unauthorized spots puts themselves and other motorists at risk. To address this challenge, eight member states of the Mid America Association of State Transportation Officials joined together with common goals to improve commercial freight safety and efficiency in the Midwest.

The Federal Highway Administration provided TIGER grant funding to help develop a first-of-its-kind, multistate, regional Truck Parking Information Management System. Using detection technology, the number of available spots at truck parking facilities is relayed to drivers in real-time through roadside message signs, in-cab systems and mobile applications. Specifically, project goals were to: improve safety; provide timely, reliable information to drivers and dispatchers; maximize use of existing parking; add value to the trucking industry; implement the system in a sustainable way; and allow state-specific flexibility while also having a cohesive regional system.