For years, parking has been one of the most significant challenges facing truck drivers, fleet managers and owner/operators. And when long-haul truck drivers struggle to find safe parking national freight productivity is significantly reduced. In an effort to deliver an innovative solution on the matter, Member states of the Mid America Association of State Transportation Officials (MAASTO) joined together to deploy a Truck Parking Information Management System (TPIMS).

With TIGER grant funding provided by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to help in the development process, this this first-of-its-kind, multi-state, regional mobility solution is providing truck drivers, fleet managers and owner-operators with up-to-the-minute parking information along the major freight corridors throughout eight states.

HNTB serves as the general engineering consultant for the eight members of MAASTO as they develop and implement their Regional TPIMS. The project uses ITS technology to provide truckers with accurate, actionable parking information, saving them from losing limited legal hours of service searching for parking or from using illegal or unsafe parking locations, risking their safety and that of other motorists.

HNTB collaborated with the MAASTO Regional Partnership to aid in identifying and designing the overall system approach, which entailed preliminary engineering (30% design) associated with ITS design and deployment at public and private truck parking facilities. HNTB was also responsible for developing the successful $25 million federal TIGER grant application that helped launch the project and an additional $7M supplement from FHWA; directing a regional and national ad campaign designed to build awareness and use of the TPIMS system; planning, systems engineering, software development/deployment and marketing support; performance measurement and federal TIGER grant monitoring, reporting and compliance.

Using detection technology, the number of available spots at truck parking facilities is relayed to drivers in real-time via dynamic message signs, smart phone applications, traveler information sites and other means at rest areas.  Project goals were to improve safety; provide timely, reliable information to drivers and dispatchers; maximize use of existing parking; add value to the trucking industry; implement the system in a sustainable way and allow state-specific flexibility while also having a cohesive regional system. With more than 130 public and private sites, partner states and the Federal Highway Administration anticipate TPIMS will continue to improve the safety and efficiency of America’s freight network.

Location: Multi-state

Client: Mid America Association of State Transportation Officials (MAASTO)

Services: General Engineer Consultant; Grant Application Writing