Running east to west, I-70 is one of two major interstates linking Kansas with its neighboring states. The other is the I-335/I-35 corridor, which branches from Topeka and stretches south into Oklahoma. Both routes are two of the state’s most heavily traveled. Thus, keeping traffic flowing safely and efficiently on these roadways is a challenge the Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA) is tackling during a 10-year modernization program.

HNTB helped KTA develop a plan for modernizing road systems that hinged on removing physical toll barriers on vital interstate arteries. HNTB’s national toll technology and toll plaza design experts helped KTA create a safe design that separated cash lanes from open road toll (ORT) lanes while utilizing as much existing infrastructure as possible. At three of the state’s highest revenue-generating toll plazas, HNTB’s design, construction sequencing and maintenance of traffic plans safely allowed the continued operation of all three terminals during the transition to ORT.

Conversion of the three toll plazas finished on time and under budget, and most importantly, the ORT system keeps traffic moving and paves the way for expected future volume growth.

With the success of the ORT project, KTA continued its partnership with HNTB by engaging in services for its conversion to a cashless tolling system. HNTB is delivering infrastructure improvements, including the design of 18 additional mainline toll zone points. Additional program management services include the support of KTA through the procurement and selection of roadside toll collection systems, capital planning and financial support, back-office system reconfiguration and public communications. The project continues KTA’s modernization efforts, further increasing safety, efficiency and interoperability for the tolling system.

Location: Kansas

Client: Kansas Turnpike Authority