The I-190 Phase I Environmental and Engineering Study included an analysis of the functionality and geometric adequacy of the existing I-190 mainline and its interchanges with expressways, arterials and collector roadways. The study also included the existing interchange at Bessie Coleman, Mannheim Road, I-294 and River Road.

The purpose of the proposed action was to provide an improved transportation system for I-190/I-90 and Mannheim Road. The five needs included:

  • Operational deficiencies
  • Congestion
  • Safety deficiencies
  • Improved linkage to the regional transportation system
  • Modal inter-relationships

Through a detailed alternatives analysis and close stakeholder coordination, HNTB developed a practical and safe solution while minimizing costs. HNTB also staged the improvements to maintain traffic to the largest employer in the region along with the largest trip generator of roadway and rail passengers. The improvements minimize the number of conflict points that currently exist while adding needed capacity.In addition to the Phase I Environmental and Engineering Study, HNTB provided design plans, specifications and estimates for five advanced contracts delivered by HNTB as part of this $125 million. These contracts involved coordination with more than a dozen key stakeholder groups, which included the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA), Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT), Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), Village of Rosemont and Illinois Tollway to address operational and safety deficiencies, improve congestion and provide a stronger link to the busy regional transportation system.

The advanced contracts included:

  • Airport Transit System (ATS) Structure over I-190 Modifications – Relocation of the bridge substructure to provide necessary widths underneath to accommodate the I-190 improvements. This $17 million project included removal and replacement of the superstructure, installation of new substructure, and replacement of the automated guideway transit system, including tracks, signal and electrical systems.
  • Mannheim Road over I-190 Replacement – As part of this $13.5 million project, the new Mannheim Road bridge over I-190 is a four-span continuous steel plate girder structure that supports a reinforced concrete deck about 80-feet-wide. Concrete piers and abutments comprise the substructure units.
  • Northbound and Southbound US 12/45 Mannheim Road between IL 19 (Irving Park Road) and IL 72 (Higgins Road) Improvements – As part of the $60 million project, HNTB provided design plans, specifications and estimates as part of two contacts for the reconstruction and widening of three miles of Mannheim Road from Irving Park to Higgins Road. Learn more about the Mannheim Avenue project here.
  • I-190 Cumberland Avenue – HNTB provided design services for the I-190 Cumberland Flyover, an 852-foot-long flyover bridge along I-190, which serves as the primary road access to and from O’Hare International Airport.  Learn more about the Cumberland Avenue project here.


Location: Chicago, IL

Client: Chicago Department of Transportation; Illinois Department of Transportation