Dallas Area Rapid Transit has recognized the increase in frequency and severity of extreme, inclement winter weather events and the impact these events have had upon light rail operations. As a result, DART selected HNTB to explore weatherizing options to protect the functionality of the light rail system and vehicles during these occurrences. The study formally documented DART’s current practices on extreme weather events, then uses this foundational information to identify additional winterization options, upgrades and modifications for the agency’s consideration.

A collaborative effort between DART Operations & Maintenance and HNTB, the primary focus for this study was upon the following six major elements of the rail transit system:

  • Traction Electrification System
  • Signal System
  • Track & Right-of-Way
  • Light Rail Vehicles
  • Rail Operating Facilities
  • Operations and Maintenance

At the conclusion of the study, HNTB delivered a final report of findings for the agency’s consideration. As DART sets priorities for winter operations and develops screening measures for selecting winterization actions, the report is a tool to help guide the next steps in implementing rail winterization.

Location: Dallas, TX

Client: Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)