HNTB has multiple HSR contracts and serves as the project and construction management firm overseeing 22 miles of the new high-speed rail design-build contract in the Central Valley.  The project begins 1 mile north of the Tulare County Line and extends south to Poplar Avenue near Shafter.  The project has 11 bridges at these locations:  Garces Highway, Pond Road, Peterson Road, Poso Creek, McCombs Avenue, SR-46, Amtrak Pedestrian Underpass, Poso Avenue, Wasco Viaduct, Kimberlina Road, and Merced Avenue.  The PCM is responsible for oversight of Right-of-Way, 3rd Party Utilities, Engineering, Quality, Validation & Verification(V&V), Safety, Environmental, Construction, Project Control, and Independent Checking Engineer/Independent Site Engineer(ICE/ISE) for the entire project.

Learn more about California High-Speed Rail Authority's small business goals for the HSR project.

Small business partners for the project include:

  • Blackburn Consulting
  • Drake Haglan & Associates
  • JMEC Engineering
  • Live Oak Associates, Inc.
  • MBI Media
  • NSI Engineering, Inc.
  • Paleo
  • Petra Resource Management
  • Ramos
  • Ruettgers & Schuler
  • S2 Engineering
  • Safework
  • Sapphos Environmental, Inc.

Location: California

Client: California High Speed Rail Authority