The largest infrastructure program currently underway in the United States, the California High-Speed Rail, will accelerate connectivity between the state’s mega-regions and serve as a testament to the power of high-speed systems.

The first phase of the high-speed rail project will run from San Francisco to Los Angeles, by way of the Central Valley. Once operational, the passengers will be able to travel between San Francisco to Los Angeles in under three hours, a stark contrast to the typical 10 hours by way of car.

Construction Package 4 – A Guideway for the Future

With 119 miles of the California High-Speed Rail currently under active construction, the project is comprised of three Construction Packages. Construction Package 4 (CP 4)is critical to the line’s overall success. It covers more than 22 miles and provides crucial rail guideway infrastructure that prepares the California High-Speed Rail Authority for the program’s next steps: track and systems installation.

HNTB’s Roles and Services

HNTB partnered with the California High-Speed Rail Authority as prime consultant and project construction manager (PCM) on the design-build project. As such, the firm’s responsibilities included contract management, project controls oversight, engineering oversight, utility and third-party oversight and coordination, right-of-way coordination, oversight of environmental compliance, construction oversight, and validation and verification services

Additionally, the HNTB provided oversight of final design and construction services for all elements of the more than 22 mile segment. These include:

  • More than 22 miles of guideway
  • 11 structures
  • Six (6) miles of intrusion protection barrier wall
  • 143 utility relocations
  • 62 PG&E design packages
  • 223 right-of-way parcels
  • 88 land rights conveyance

To ensure the successful delivery of all designs, HNTB’s internationally recognized high-speed rail experts conducted a rigorous, independent verification and validation utilizing a process that has been successfully applied on high-speed rail construction in both Asia and Europe.

Location: California

Client: California High Speed Rail Authority