HNTB is leading public engagement in coordination with MassDOT, MBTA and the City of Chelsea for proposed improvements along the Broadway Corridor from City Hall to Williams Street (0.543 miles), including the permanent addition of the Downtown Broadway Bus/Bike Lane Pilot, intersection safety improvements and the reconfiguration of the Bellingham Square signalized intersection. The completion of these improvements advances key goals of the 2018 City of Chelsea Re-imagining Broadway Plan, which rethinks the traffic and circulation of the Downtown Chelsea area with the goals of improving access, safety and mobility for the public. Standard safety countermeasures, such as improved signage, lighting, traffic calming streetscape elements, curb extensions, signal upgrades, sidewalks, pavement markings, and bus transit amenities will be included in this project.

HNTB manages a robust community outreach program to provide all stakeholders the opportunity to learn and comment on the project. As part of this project, HNTB engaged multiple local advocacy organizations, forming strong partnerships and providing their leadership and members with opportunities to have a dialogue with the project team in their community spaces.

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Location: Chelsea, MA

Client: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)

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