The California High-Speed Rail Authority is committed to small businesses playing a major role in building the statewide high-speed rail project. The Small Business Program has an aggressive 30 percent goal for small business participation including Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE) and Micro-Businesses (MB). HNTB strongly supports the High-Speed Rail Authority’s commitment to Small Businesses.

The High-Speed Rail Authority has established an overall SB goal of 30 percent to be achieved through the utilization of small business concerns, in any combination and at any tier level. To be as inclusive as possible to small businesses, the High-Speed Rail Authority recognizes small business concerns to include certified:

  1. Small Businesses (SB)
  2. Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE)
  3. Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE)
  4. Microbusinesses (MB)
  5. Small Businesses for the Purpose of Public Works (SP-PW)

Within the overall 30 percent Small Business goal, the High-Speed Rail Authority has established a 10 percent DBE goal (as certified through the CUCP) and a 3 percent DVBE goal (as certified through the California DGS).

HNTB is committed to meeting or exceeding these goals by fostering productive relationships with small businesses participating on the Locally Generated Alternative: Fresno to Bakersfield project. The Subconsultants below have been identified by HNTB to complete work on the Locally Generated Alternative: Fresno to Bakersfield project:

Arellano Associates

Calvada Surveying, Inc.

DeWalt Corporation

Earth Mechanics

FMF Pandion

IDC Consulting Engineering

JMA Civil, Inc.

Lynn Capouya, Inc.

MA Engineering

MGE Engineering, Inc.

Monument ROW

NCM Engineering Corp

Ramos Consulting Services, Inc.

Ruettgers & Schuler Civil Engineers

Sapphos Environmental, Inc.

UNICO Engineering

V&A Inc.

Wagner Engineering & Survey, Inc.

Zephyr UAS, Inc.