HNTB helps client advocate for new bridge funding

As part of HNTB’s owner’s representative role on the Hood River-White Salmon Interstate Bridge Replacement project, HNTB’s program director Michael Shannon and funding and financing lead Kary Witt supported Port of Hood River in advocating for additional bridge funding.

Port of Hood River hosted state legislators from Oregon and Washington and described the urgent need to replace the Hood River-White Salmon Interstate Bridge on Oct. 14. More than 30 state legislators and staff attended and discussed why the Gorge communities strongly support replacing the bridge on an accelerated timeline. The visit brought together the greatest number of Oregon and Washington legislators to the replacement project site.

Port of Hood River EventShannon presented shared why the bridge needs replacing. He shared that the bridge has reached the end of its serviceable life and cannot sufficiently accommodate the community’s needs today or in the future.

“This bridge is critical to local businesses, freight movement, emergency responders and community life in the region,” Shannon said. “We have been working closely with the Port of Hood River on a replacement bridge and identified the need to help the client obtain additional bridge funding. By bringing key stakeholders together we are hopeful additional funds can be obtained to make the replacement bridge a reality.”

“HNTB has been working closely with the Port of Hood River to obtain federal, state and local funds for this toll bridge,” Witt said. “We are exploring options to leverage tolls and diligently looking at all funding and financing opportunities for this program.”

The project has $90 million in funding and is seeking an additional $420 million for final design, construction of the new bridge, and demolition of the existing structure. A Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision are expected in early 2023. The project is moving forward with preliminary design work and geotechnical testing to understand the site conditions underground. Find more information about the project here.