HNTB expands design-build expertise in Utah

Best practices provide industry leadership in three significant areas of innovative transportation project delivery

SALT LAKE CITY (June 7, 2022)HNTB Corporation is expanding its engineering expertise and influence throughout Utah through three major design-build initiatives: the West Davis freeway construction; the development of design-build best practices for the Utah Department of Transportation through HNTB’s Program Management Consultant role on the Mountain View Corridor project; and its increasing participation in the national Design-Build Institute of America.

HNTB’s Spaethling

“UDOT and the State of Utah are among national leaders in design-build procurement, using it to advance multiple key transportation projects,” said Dominic Spaethling, HNTB Salt Lake City office leader. “We are proud to be part of UDOT’s design-build team, both delivering projects with contractors like Farmington Bay Constructors in the case of West Davis and with UDOT directly as program manager on the Mountain View Corridor.”

West Davis freeway construction

HNTB is lead designer for the West Davis freeway project, a 19-mile freeway segment that will connect western Davis County with the major traffic artery of Interstate 15. To help accommodate the region’s growth, HNTB is closely working with contractor partner Farmington Bay Constructors to deliver innovative, forward-thinking designs to the traveling public.

The design-build project consists of constructing a new four-lane divided highway as well as construction of a system-to-system interchange, multiple local interchanges, intersection improvements, and construction of connecting roadways and a trail system.

Design-build for the Mountain View Corridor 

The 5-mile Mountain View Corridor project is a prime example of how HNTB can help streamline procurement documents and design-build template processes. The corridor runs from Porter Rockwell Blvd. to 2100 North in Lehi, Utah. Included as part of HNTB’s contract, UDOT is revisiting its design-build template used for developing design-build contract documents.

HNTB is partnering with two other firms to collaborate with UDOT on redefining its design-build template, as well as developing a design-build manual of instruction.

“UDOT wants multiple sets of eyes working collaboratively on this to put together a new design-build template for use on all design-build projects. HNTB has a strong relationship with UDOT, and they’re familiar with our design-build expertise,” said HNTB project director Todd Jensen.

Engaging with Design-Build Institute of America

The Design-Build Institute of America is the national authority on the design-build method of project delivery. Its members collaborate and innovate to deliver some of America’s most successful projects.

HNTB’s Laren Livingston — senior project manager in Salt Lake City who will be involved with the Mountain View Corridor project — is one of several HNTB employees who contributes design-build expertise to DBIA. He currently serves on three of DBIA national committees: the contracts committee, the transportation/aviation markets committee, and the legislative committee. Each plays an important role in helping industry leaders identify and address emerging challenges and opportunities facing the architectural, engineering and construction industries.

“There has been a lot of work for more than two decades to develop design-build across the country. Many at HNTB have been instrumental in this success,” said Livingston. “Serving on these national committees is a way to share HNTB’s expertise with a larger audience. From my experience in Utah and Kansas, when design-build project delivery is done well by those who understand its key principles, complex projects are delivered with innovative solutions that enhance the benefit to owners and key stakeholders. These projects have been delivered for less cost and in less time than any other project delivery method.”