An unprecedented alliance formed between HNTB, the City of Dallas and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to protect downtown Dallas real estate from flood-plain status and approached completion of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's levee reaccreditation process.

Documentation of the Trinity River Levee System Reaccreditation created a proven process for other cities to emulate. This project made Dallas the first major metropolitan area to successfully navigate the Corps’ Section 408 process, begin 100-year levee remediation construction and draw closer to completing the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s extensive levee reaccreditation process.

HNTB and partners saved 17,000 acres of prime real estate in downtown Dallas from being reclassified as residing within a 100-year flood plain. Due to the partnership and documentation here, other cities that receive unacceptable flood-plain ratings from the Corps now have a proven process to emulate for positive outcomes.

Location: Dallas, TX

Client: City of Dallas