HNTB was program management consultant for the largest project in InDOT’s history: Accelerate 465, a 12-mile overhaul of Interstate 465. As PMC, HNTB introduced the Indiana Department of Transportation to the right-of-way Information Management System, which provided a real-time snapshot of each parcel’s construction status. The RIMS tool helped HNTB determine construction status sequencing and kept the acquisition process advancing.

A shared center sidewalk and trail built in the crossroad medians connected neighborhoods while U-beams served as an aesthetic treatment for bridges. HNTB also broke the contract into A, B and C pieces to increased competition and drive down bids. And, Accelerate 465 was the first HNTB project to implement Projectwise, a file management and transfer software.

In the end, HNTB provided a high level of performance and a quality set of construction documents.

• RIMS advances acquisition
• Median promenades increase connectivity
• U-beams add aesthetic value
• ABC contracting heightens competition
• Shared software enhances communication

Location: Indiana

Client: Indiana Department of Transportation