HNTB’s new in-house Archaeology Lab opens in Atlanta

Class-leading facility offers expanded archaeological and environmental services

ATLANTA (Oct. 4, 2023) – HNTB has opened an in-house archaeology lab in Atlanta, providing Phase I, II and III archaeological services to clients, with recent work in Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Chicago, Indiana and Florida. The lab uses a multi-step curation process to identify, clean, catalog and preserve artifacts.

“This laboratory helps us provide new services – including Arc GIS Online, geophysics, geomorphology and other unique offerings – that are typically outsourced to external labs,” said Tim Morgan, PE, HNTB’s Atlanta office leader and senior vice president. “This in-house archaeology lab signifies a new level of efficiency for our clients and the work we are able to conduct on project sites.”

HNTB’s environmental services team provides environmental planning, preparation of NEPA documents, air quality analysis, cultural resource evaluations, noise modeling, ecological and permitting services, public involvement and an array of other in-house services.

“With this in-house lab, our team can excavate a site in the morning and conduct complex geophysical analysis the same day,” said Erin McGehee, CEP-IT, HNTB’s director of environmental planning for the Atlanta office. “We’re expanding our ability to deliver archaeological and environmental services to our clients.”

The firm’s most recent work in Georgia includes archaeological data collection and analysis in the Flint River, a 344-mile-long river snaking through the western part of the state, that produced more than 2,400 artifacts; LiDAR imaging to define different activity areas in a historic barium mine on Red Top Mountain in Acworth; and historic structure identification in the Warthen Historic District, just north of Sandersville.