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With fuels taxes in decline, tolling enjoys growing acceptance as an important component of the U.S. transportation funding mix. A 2018 HNTB America THINKS survey found 79 percent of Americans are willing to pay tolls to avoid congestion and delays, even when free alternatives are available.

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Priced Managed Lanes - a Proven Mobility Strategy - are Rapidly Expanding Across the U.S.
PMLs are a critical mechanism for reducing urban traffic congestion.

The Evolution of Non-Toll Revenue Sources
Learn more about the many options toll agencies are pursuing to strengthen their bottom lines using non-toll revenue sources.

Toll Agencies: Ready, Set, Grow
Agencies should be ready for influx of connected and automated vehicle technology.

How to Defeat the Congestion Scourge
Traffic congestion can be alleviated through a variety of techniques.

Toll Facility Ratings: A Credit Perspective
Toll agencies that understand ratings factors can gain a competitive edge in new facility construction and expansion.

Putting Tolling to Work
Read more about best practices in developing a toll implementation plan.

We're Getting Close - a Progress Report on National Toll System Interoperability
Three regional hubs have emerged, and they now are becoming interoperable, putting the U.S. toll industry closer to its goal of national interoperability. Learn more about the industry’s progress since MAP-21.

Building Support for Tolling
How to create an effective communications plan that will promote public acceptance and minimize opposition to toll implementation

America THINKS: Funding Congestion Solutions - 2018
HNTB survey finds Americans, who are frustrated with increasing congestion, are willing to pay higher taxes and tolls to fund infrastructure improvements.

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