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Connected and autonomous vehicles will revolutionize transportation in the U.S. They improve mobility for the elderly and disabled, enhance connections to transit, and most importantly, improve safety.

Automated and Connected Vehicles

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America THINKS: Sharing the Road with Autonomous Vehicles
Approximately half of Americans now believe they are familiar with autonomous (self-driving) vehicles. See an overview of the 2019 survey here.

How Will Emerging Mobility Technologies Steer Future Planning?
Driverless cars and trucks will change everything planners do. What are the factors decision makers and planners should take into account?

Is Your Project a Candidate for Drone Technology?
How drones could cut costs and enhance quality for transportation infrastructure projects.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Infrastructure
Learn more about the process and best practices of planning a comprehensive charging infrastructure to efficiently meet anticipated community needs.

Transportation Technologies Accelerate Urban Redesign and Enhanced Mobility
Jim Barbaresso, ITS national practice leader, believes the concept of nomadization may one day impact where Americans work, eat and sleep.

Moving Toward Zero
Connected and automated vehicles will reshape America’s cities, and put traffic accidents in the rearview mirror — for good.

Autonomous Vehicles: Where Are They Taking Us Next?
As carmakers, tech companies and policymakers edge closer to deployment, safety and convenience remain at forefront of Americans’ minds.

Getting Smart on Intelligent Transportation Systems
The growing influence of ITS on transportation, why agencies are intent on considering adoption and where to begin.

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