Traffic Permitting and Lane Closure Management System

New Jersey Turnpike Authority

HNTB worked with The New Jersey Turnpike Authority to develop a work zone access management application that provides centralized management of all work zone activity on their facilities. It enables contractors, engineering, and maintenance departments and other users requiring highway occupancy to request a lane closure. It then routes the request through an automated approval workflow and communicates the status via email, text, and application alerts. It also validates the request against the authority’s traffic manual and policies.  Some key functionality of the solution includes: automated validation of traffic manual policy, including roadway models, taper points, timetables, special event restrictions, and work zone conflict rules;  communication with state police is automated as well, meeting their information requirements for purposes of vehicle planning, reporting, and cancellations; reporting and audit tracking; as well as automatic publication of work zone activity to other transportation agencies and public-facing traveler alert services.  The results have been positive, with the Authority now managing up to 1,200 lane closure requests per week during peak construction season, including more than 350 active traffic permits and 500 active users. The solution has brought a time savings to the agency of about 25% over their legacy process