HNTB statement on federal infrastructure framework

Kansas City, Mo. (June 25, 2021) HNTB applauds the progress made on an infrastructure framework that has the potential to leap-frog our country to a new level of performance and return our infrastructure landscape into one that we look at as a source of national pride.

There are few issues that bring Americans together more than infrastructure. Infrastructure is also the rare bipartisan issue where business, labor and public-sector officials from across the country can coalesce around solutions to our infrastructure challenges – from funding and financing to the role of the federal government to technology, innovation and sustainability.

Those of us who make our careers in the infrastructure industry understand the value of a robust infrastructure system to the nation’s well being. A long-term sustainable funding plan for infrastructure that includes investments at the federal, state and local levels, along with the private sector, is essential to making a modernized infrastructure system a reality.

The importance of infrastructure to the economy and the national well-being and economic competitiveness is clear and well known. Across the United States there are nearly 20,000 cities, each with unique geography, historical milestones and cultural nuances. Their one common feature — which often defines the vitality of their economies and quality of life — is the responsiveness and resiliency of their transportation assets.

Our challenge and opportunity is to ensure that everyone has access to mobility options. Transportation connects communities and is the key to job opportunities, quality of life and social equity.

HNTB is proud to work alongside federal partners, cities, counties, states and the private sector to help modernize our nation’s transportation infrastructure system.