HNTB celebrates 75 years of partnership with the Maine Turnpike Authority

Firm honors longest-standing client relationship, which pre-dates the opening of the seminal superhighway

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (Dec. 8, 2020) – Today, HNTB Corporation announced it is celebrating 75 years of partnership with the Maine Turnpike Authority with a formal event Tuesday, Dec. 8.

The partnership, which is HNTB’s longest-standing continuous client relationship, dates back to 1945, two years before the Maine Turnpike was built, when HNTB signed on as the general engineer consultant for the project.

The project ushered in a new era of transportation for Maine and the greater United States. In 1947, when the MTA officially opened the new road, the Maine Turnpike became the first U.S. superhighway built in the postwar era and one of two modern toll highways in the entire country financed solely with revenue bonds. In addition, the Maine Turnpike was the largest construction project in the state at the time.

“We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone alongside the Maine Turnpike Authority,” said Roland Lavallee, PE, HNTB vice president. “We are proud of the great work we’ve been able to accomplish together, which without this partnership, simply would not be possible. Together, we have advanced the transportation possibilities for the state of Maine, its residents and the greater community.”

The Maine Turnpike Authority is committed to the maintenance and modernization of the turnpike, which over seven decades, has been an important transportation corridor for the state. To help the MTA achieve its objectives and ensure the needs of bondholders are being met, HNTB has provided highway, tolling and transportation expertise to guide the engineering of the turnpike.

HNTB is also involved in toll conversion for certain sections of the highway. To support the open road tolling conversion beginning in 2013, HNTB provided project management, traffic planning, civil engineering design, toll system procurement and oversight, and construction services for the authority’s toll plaza conversion project in New Gloucester, Maine.

“Over the years, HNTB has helped the authority bring forward their vision of the future of transportation for Maine,” said Peter Mills, executive director at the Maine Turnpike Authority. “The Maine Turnpike has helped facilitate travel and boost vital economic development in our state, and HNTB’s expertise and professional excellence has been a critical driver of that success.”

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