CoMotion LAB MIAMI Announces First Task Forces with HNTB’s Beth Kigel and Greg Krueger

MIAMI, Fl. (April 8, 2021)CoMotion LAB MIAMI, a consortium of international, national and regional public and private stakeholders whose goal is to improve mobility and transit in Miami-Dade County and Southern Florida, announced the industry leaders who will lead this initiative.

Beth Kigel, HNTB’s national director of smart and connected solutions and vice president, will serve as chair of the urban air mobility task force. Greg Krueger, HNTB national emerging technologies program manager and vice president has been named to the smart curb management and smart infrastructure task force.

Last summer, HNTB joined the new mobility innovation lab in Miami-Dade County. In a continuation of efforts, this week CoMotion LAB MIAMI announced the members of the two task forces.

As chair of the urban air mobility task force, Kigel will focus on “in-air” solutions, such as drones and electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL), for goods delivery, passenger mobility and operational enhancements to best serve residents, businesses and visitors. As part of the smart curb management and smart infrastructure task force, Krueger will be part of a think tank piloting mobility solutions aimed at rethinking the way the urban curb is managed.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Danielle Levine Cava said: “As we work to expand mobility and transportation options in Miami-Dade to better connect our growing community, the work of CoMotion Lab ensures that innovation and collaboration are at the forefront of this conversation. The appointment of these mobility all-stars will bring global thought leaders to develop and test new mobility solutions in Miami-Dade and beyond.”

About HNTB

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About C-LAB

CoMotion LAB MIAMI (C-LAB) is an advanced and connected urban playground for mobility innovation in which public rights of way in Miami-Dade County and in adjacent geographies are used to develop and validate new and commercially viable transport technologies. Miami-Dade County, with its 5,500 miles of public roads, its airspace and its maritime channels, provides a complex and variegated testing geography, representative of different kinds of urban geographies throughout the United States and beyond: dense urban center, exurban sprawl, and developer-led communities.

About CoMotion

CoMotion is a global platform where leaders of the most innovative transportation and technology companies around the world meet with urban policymakers to share ideas, do business and plan the new mobility future. CoMotion organizes exclusive world-class events such as CoMotion LIVE, CoMotion LA and CoMotion MIAMI, and is the new mobility industry’s premier source for news, insights, and analysis.