New Jersey Turnpike Authority 6 to 9 Widening Program - New Jersey

Illinois Tollway Program Management - Downers Grove, Ill.

Texas Disaster Recovery Program - Texas

Los Angeles Unified School District New School Construction and Modernization Program - Los Angeles

U.S. 290 Program Management - Houston

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Program Management - San Francisco

Program Management

Delivering more for the program dollar

HNTB commits to work as an integrated team with infrastructure/facility owners to use a sophisticated success management approach that defines and documents the owner’s program goals and develops a program management work plan to deliver them systematically. HNTB provides the appropriate strategic, technical and managerial resources at the right times throughout the lifecycle of the program – from program conceptualization through operations and maintenance. These high-value services are provided through business and contracting models that incentivize a collaborative owner/HNTB approach with the owner’s program goals as the sole focus.