Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition

HNTB believes in promoting and recognizing its employees and their work in a variety of ways, from profile stories in publications, internal recognition programs and other performance-based incentive programs and bonuses. HNTB recognizes employees who make significant contributions to the success of the firm through the following internal awards programs:
  • Living the HNTB Vision Award - This annual award recognizes the HNTB officer who best exemplifies the values and philosophy that guide the firm known as the HNTB Vision. Candidates are nominated by other officers, and the recipient is selected by a panel of judges.

  • HNTB Fellows Award - The Fellows program recognizes outstanding employees in the firm who have performed leadership, mentoring and consulting skills in an exemplary way and contributed outstanding technical/design excellence in creating engineering, architectural and planning solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. Candidates are nominated by HNTB officers and are carefully evaluated based on written descriptions of the candidates’ qualifications.

  • HNTB Sophisticated Sales Approach Award - HNTB’s Sophisticated Sales Approach is our framework for selecting, winning and keeping clients, and winning, contracting and delivering projects that meet our strategic objectives. This award is given to a project that best exemplifies use of the 14 steps of the Sophisticated Sales Approach. HNTB officers nominate and nominations must meet specific criteria.

  • HNTB Outstanding Project Manager Award - The Outstanding Project Manager Award recognizes an experienced project manager who has demonstrated a high level of 4for4 performance, proven processes and used the Standards of Performance to drive successful delivery of a major project. The winner must also demonstrate outstanding leadership characteristics and coaching/mentoring skills to grow project staff. HNTB officers nominate and nominations must meet specific criteria.

  • HNTB Design Excellence Award - The Design Excellence Award recognizes the most outstanding projects and processes that exemplify HNTB’s commitment to design and innovation excellence. It also recognizes the people who create them. Entries, regardless of type or size, must demonstrate innovative design that sets HNTB apart from our competition and brings value to our clients and their communities. Any employee can nominate and recipients are selected by a panel of judges.

  • HNTB Innovation Award - The Innovation Award recognizes innovative approaches, programs, technologies and/or solutions for clients and projects, which produce exceptional results that go beyond marginal improvements. It also recognizes a commitment to excellence, through innovation, and the significant impact HNTB makes in the way we deliver value to our clients. It may refer to incremental emergent or radical and revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes or organizations. Any employee can nominate and recipients are selected by a panel of judges.

  • HNTB Intellectual Property Awards - This program encourages creative development of new tools and systems that benefit HNTB and recognizes the significant time and effort required of employees who disclose and share new inventions and innovations. It also recognizes inventions and innovation that have the potential to differentiate HNTB's services and abilities or that provide revenue enhancement opportunities.