HNTB's Commitment to Social Responsibility

From addressing transportation system needs that improve public safety and quality of life to planning and designing projects that minimize environmental impact, HNTB strives to improve the communities in which it operates. HNTB extends that focus beyond our work to support needs and opportunities in all our office and project locations coast to coast.

Community involvement
HNTB is involved in various community activities where our employees live and work. Our involvement begins at a national level through annual charitable campaigns and corporate contributions to organizations that make a difference every day. Each division and office further support local efforts with corporate contributions and active employee committees that encourage employee engagement, volunteering and leadership.

Ethics and compliance 
HNTB exemplifies its pledge to ethics and compliance through HNTB’s Code of Business Integrity and Core Integrity Policies. The code and policies ensure that HNTB’s employees and business partners understand all obligations in following the law, remaining ethical and protecting each other, the community and the environment.
Diversity and inclusion
HNTB’s commitment to diversity and inclusion includes both continuous improvement internally, as well as supporting the growth and success of the small and disadvantaged consulting community. Through HNTB programs, our focus is on building lasting relationships that support the continuous development of minority and small businesses as partners.

HNTB has a tradition of engineering excellence which has been and is greatly aided by the inclusion of individuals of different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. HNTB values the perspectives, solutions and ideas that stem from a diverse workforce. This allows HNTB to better achieve objectives and to provide smart solutions for clients and community.
Environment, health and safety
HNTB is committed to the health and safety of its employees. HNTB strives to prevent work-related accidents and diseases through the recognition, evaluation, control and, wherever possible, removal of hazards. On-site training is offered to HNTB employees, clients and subconsultants, including OSHA safety training.
HNTB established and offers its employees access to an Employee Assistance Fund to help during times of economic hardship and to overcome challenges that may arise. HNTB’s Total Rewards approach to benefits also includes proactive health incentives, discounted fitness programs and other wellness solutions.
HNTB helps protect the environment and natural resources through the work that we do and through internal efforts. HNTB is a founding member of the Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure and has leaders throughout several national and regional sustainability and resiliency organizations. Our projects include various environmental planning and protection projects, and our teams have designed many LEED-certified buildings. We are continuously updating and improving our own internal sustainability protocols ranging from procurement decisions to building and technology improvements.