America THINKS surveys

Several times a year, HNTB asks Americans, “What do you think?” about a range of transportation infrastructure issues.

HNTB then packages the publicity poll’s findings to share with the industry, elected and appointed officials, and the public. The results of each America THINKS survey help pinpoint concerns, encourage discussion and shape solutions.

And, what do Americans think? They understand that emerging demands on an already over-burdened transportation network affect us all. Respondents expressed a desire for improvements that will contribute to increased safety and convenience.

In 2019, HNTB released its national public opinion America THINKS survey, "The Imperative for a National Transportation Policy," which found nearly eight in 10 Americans (78 percent) believe a national transportation policy that will improve the reliability, accessibility, mobility and safety of the nation’s transportation network is imperative.

The Imperative for a National Transportation Policy - Motiongraphics
Sharing the Road With Autonomous Vehicles - 2019 - Motiongraphics

In 2018, HNTB conducted four national surveys that studied issues associated with airport terminals, autonomous vehicles, public transportation, and congestion and tolling to help fund infrastructure costs. Here is the 2018 survey compilation, which encompasses data from these survey results, along with sample media coverage:

Funding Congestion Solutions - 2018
    • Motion graphics
    • USA Today, Dec. 6, 2018
Public Transportation in the U.S. - 2018
    • Motion graphics 
The Road to Autonomous Vehicles - 2018

Airport Terminals - 2018

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